Loveland not getting a restaurant here

This is news about a restaurant NOT coming to Loveland, Colorado.   Why is this of importance to   Well, for one, this location in Orchard’s Shopping Center used to be a restaurant.  Additionally, people keep asking me about this place.  Orchards_Shopping_restaurant

The site in question is where Springfield’s used to be.  Or Edwardo’s.  Or the Out of Bounds. Or Happy Hour Bar. Let’s ocajust call it 281 East 29th Street, which is just south of the Office Depot in Orchards Shopping Center.

When it became the Happy Hour, the owner put lots of time and money into a new dance floor and DJ booth.  This establishment did not last long.  Recently, I saw activity there so I continued to monitor it.  When construction workers torn down the glass sunroom, I had to stop and ask what was going on.

It seems that this location will not be a Loveland bar, restaurant or night club again.  The owner is making the space more generic so it can be more readily rented.  There is a good chance it will be subdivided.   The men working on the demolition said and insurance agent is considering setting up an office there.

So, I think this no new is news.



Loveland flood aftermath

Loveland_office_spaceThe great flood in Loveland has passed.   Driving to Estes Park and returning through Drake makes me sad.  That area will never be the same.

The flood covered nine counties, if my memory serves.  One area that took a hit is the vicinity of First Street and Taft Avenue in Loveland.  The ball fields look good but there is still a lot of debris to the west.

A week or so ago, I had to go to the Comcast office on First Street to get an upgraded DVR.   I was surprised to find that the building that housed Comcast is fenced off. They are operating out of a modular building next door.  A worker told me that the brick building got knocked off its foundation and is condemned.

A few days later, I was contacted by a friend who owns what used to be the KLOV building.  If you have been in Loveland for a while, you remember that there used to be a local (really local) radio station.

This building felt the flood too but has been repaired and remodeled.  The owner wants to turned it into an office building.   If you are wanting office space in southwest Loveland, let me know.


TRIVIA QUESTION — What was the local radio station after KLOV?




Loveland– the barn door is open

Barnyard_Vet_Supply_LovelandIn my Loveland travels, I try to watch for new business activity.

For some time, about when the flood hit, I notices some great graphics on a building on South Lincoln.

The exact location of the building I am talking about is 1021 S. Lincoln.  It used to be a thrift store and now is Barnyard Vet Supply.

This location was in the line of the flood waters.  Barnyard Vet Supply was scheduled to open right before the building took on a bout three feet of water.  They did a cleanup and replaced doors and drywalls, allowing for an opening a few days later than anticipated.

The new vet supply store has items for any animal lover. This includes dogs, cats, chickens and livestock.

The store has feed supplies and vaccines.  They fill prescriptions onsite also.

A unique feature of the vet supply business is that they recycle baling twine.   No one else in Loveland provides this service.

Dr. Fancher also has a Loveland vet business called Barnyard Veterinary Services, located at 2051 W County Road 14 in Loveland.

I love the graphics on this building.

Do you know of any others in Loveland that have eye-catching graphics?




News from the old City News

Loveland_City_News_new-businessesThe old newsstand/bookstore/coffee shop on Cleveland Ave. may be seeing some changes.

Yes, City News (534 Cleveland Ave. ) in Loveland is gone but the site may see activity soon.

I am hearing that the space, minus what the Inglenook restaurant used for its expansion may become two businesses.

As best I can tell, the north half will be a coffee shop.  The portion between this area and the Inglenook is tentatively slated to be a beer and wine tasting place.

Anyone of my “beeps” know more on this development of downtown Loveland? (DoLo)



Loveland in for an office shuffle?

Loveland readers of BobsHeartbeats are great.

Ron Ross, owner/publisher of the local Tidbits, gave me a bit of trivial or not so trivial information.  We will just have to see how it turns out.

Seems thatOffice_Depot_merge_Office_Max.    Here is a link to one of the articles telling of Office Depot and Office Max merging.  This appeared in the online Wall Street Journal and other sites.

It looks like they will go under the name Office Depot.

I know that the Office Depot in The Square in Fort Collins recently closed.  Now this makes more sense.

The question Ron Ross asked–and it is a good one–is what will happen to the office supply stores in Loveland?

Can the merged company financially justify Office Depot in Orchard’s and Office Max on East Eisenhower?

Your thoughts??

Thanks again to Ron Ross — Pick up Tidbits at local stores. It is a fun and informative read.