Loveland restaurant to live again

Hogfish Grille and Smokehouse


Loveland seems to be getting new restaurants every day.  I see that Chef Clay Caldwell is opening up a couple of new place

in downtown–DoLo–in the near future.

Here is one that you probably have not heard about.  Thanks to Chrissy Severance at the Cactus Grille for a heads up on the revival of

one of Loveland’s older restaurants that will see new life.

Mike Severance (my dad) co-owner of the Cactus Grille and his son-in-law have moved in the old BBQ Bobs building and are working on a new restaurant! Scheduled to open in April. It’s going to be called Hogfish Grille and Smokehouse. They will be serving a lot of fish and smoked items. Brent Neumann (Mikes’ son-in-law) grew up in south Florida and is bringing a lot of the dishes he grew up on to Loveland.

For those that do not remember or are new to Loveland, Colorado, this location is 1441 Diana Drive. This is the intersection of SW 14th (Hiway 402) and Diana Drive. It sets just south of the old HP plant.

Thanks to Chrissy and the Cactus for this breaking news.

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