Bobservations — Loveland restaurant scene

Loveland restaurants are coming and going at a fast pace.  Some are changing too.  I mentioned a few days ago that one is going to start serving lunch.  That would be Loveland’s Inglenook restaurant.   I also hinted at a new (well, revived) Loveland coffee shop that will be opening in a few days.

Thanks to one of my “beeps”, I have another change in the restaurant landscape in the Sweetheart City.  It seems that after this Saturday, B-B-Q Bob’s is going to switch to catering only. I have had their catered barbecue meals many times, and they are great.

In the past few years, Loveland has seen a wave of new barbeque restaurants come to our city.  Most are big name franchise or chain businesses.  It was great to have a local one still around.

I figure all the competition, along with the lack of activity across the street at the old HP/Agilent site, may be a factor.  Kelly, the owner or B-B-Q Bob’s was thinking of all the foot traffick he would get at lunch when the building was occupied again.


UPDATE   Went to B-B-Q Bob’s for lunch today (for research purposes, of course)   Yes, Kelly is closing the Loveland restaurant but will do catering.  He has been in business for 15 years.   Sure hate to see a family-run place close.

Kelly said he is working on the idea of renting out the dining area for meeting  but has to take some time to get a plan in place.

Good Luck!



2 Responses to “Bobservations — Loveland restaurant scene”

  1. Bob

    I too am sorry to see good quality businesses have to close. I hope more people make a concerted effort to shop and dine local.

    Would you consider doing a post on our new business, Boise Summit? We offer private office space rentals at an affordable cost to Loveland bussinesses.

    Love the blog Bob.


  2. admin says:

    Maggie Can you email me a press release or URL, etc.?