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Wow, there is a lot going on in the Sweetheart City.  Loveland businesses are on the move.

Here are some Loveland-related updates and comments.  If you can add anything, please comment on this post.

TCBY     I talked to my yogurt expert.  The two, yes TWO, TCBY locations in Loveland are in the works. The first one looks like it will be on East Eisenhower by the Daz Bogs./Smashburgers (across from Wal-Mart.)  This will be followed by another one on North Garfield were Blockbusters used to be.

Donut Haus    For weeks I have not seen much activity at the eateries new location on the northwest corner of Garfield and 29th Street.  I have been told I will see more work going on at the Donut Haus new location very soon.  Note to self==go to Donut Haus in Palmer Gardens, buy coffee and pastery and see what is going on.

Crunchy Grocer    I saw the owner of the some-to-be-sometime natural grocery store in Loveland at TedX.  He assured me that he is on track to have Loveland’s first natural food grocer store.  Jonas was very tight-lipped about when and where the new store would be  ANY IDEAS?

Cheese?  First it was going to be one cheese and bread shop in downtown Loveland.  (The person doing this is still trying to get things lined up.  When we talked recently, the said they may have someone else run it for them.  This cheeese shop would be right downtown Loveland.  In addition to having a variety of cheese, they are working with someone who produces breads.

Then, I heard through another of my “beeps” that a second cheese story may be in the works.  I am still doing the detective work  on this on.

Mexican restaurant    A few weeks ago, I was told that one of the Fort Collins Mexican restaurants was going to start a location in Loveland.  Haven’t heard anything more.  Do you know?




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