Loveland restaurant to live again

Hogfish Grille and Smokehouse


Loveland seems to be getting new restaurants every day.  I see that Chef Clay Caldwell is opening up a couple of new place

in downtown–DoLo–in the near future.

Here is one that you probably have not heard about.  Thanks to Chrissy Severance at the Cactus Grille for a heads up on the revival of

one of Loveland’s older restaurants that will see new life.

Mike Severance (my dad) co-owner of the Cactus Grille and his son-in-law have moved in the old BBQ Bobs building and are working on a new restaurant! Scheduled to open in April. It’s going to be called Hogfish Grille and Smokehouse. They will be serving a lot of fish and smoked items. Brent Neumann (Mikes’ son-in-law) grew up in south Florida and is bringing a lot of the dishes he grew up on to Loveland.

For those that do not remember or are new to Loveland, Colorado, this location is 1441 Diana Drive. This is the intersection of SW 14th (Hiway 402) and Diana Drive. It sets just south of the old HP plant.

Thanks to Chrissy and the Cactus for this breaking news.

Loveland Kmart status



Once again, KMart is closing stores. Everytime this happens, someone asks if the Loveland KMart store is included.

The quick answer for this go-round is NO.

Unfortunately– I guess– for two Colorado communities, their blue-light-special store will be no more.

These two towns are Thorton and Craig, Colorado.

The the link below from USAToday for all stores in all states.

The Loveand KMart’s address is 2665 West Eisenhower Blvd.


The question of the day is— Would you miss the Loveland KMart if and when it does close?





Loveland South Catalyst maybe sweeter

Loveland_south_catalyst_1Loveland South Catalyst project is on the minds of most Lovelanders.  The area behind the Rialto from Third Street to First Street is mostly fenced off. Within day, it looks like bulldozers will level most of the structures that are now there.

Fact and myth say that the area will contain retail, a parking structure, a movie theater and offices/apartments. Since no business that I know of has committed, it is all speculation right now.

So, let, with the help of Dave Jensen of K99- Colorado’s New Country radio station here is a tidbit for you.

On June 14, Dave Jensen wrote about the possibility of Little Man Ice Cream coming to the new downtown Loveland renovation.

Here is the link to the Dave Jensen K99 article:

Little Man Ice Cream in Denver has a building shaped like a giant milk can.  The company wanted to open a location in Fort Collins but the city did not like the shape of the building.



Loveland restaurant to expand

Justines_Pizza_LovelandLoveland has many restaurants that have been around a long time. Some stay the same–others change with the times.

In my post prior to this one, I talked about an upscale restaurant in Loveland that has been sold.

While out and about today, I heard about a big change at a Loveland restaurant–a pizza place– that surprised me.  One of my

faithful readers and restaurant frequenter, says that Justine’s Pizza in Loveland will be expanding.

I did notice last week that the beauty shop next door to Justine’s had vacated the building. My comment to my wife was, “Well, this would

be a good time for Justine’s to expand.

This was said in a joking manner.  The previous owners of Justine’s, Mike and Judy, made few changes over the year. It sounds like Greg Jensen is more open to change.

My source says the Loveland pizzeria is getting the permits needed.   Since the kitchen area will not change, the permitting process should not be too complicated.

Justine’s Pizza is located at 1906 West Eisenhower Blvd.



Loveland restaurant gone?

inglenook_lovelandLoveland appears to be losing another downtown (DoLo) restaurant.  This one has been around for a while.
Not too long ago, they even remodeled and expanded.

Those interested in fine dining in Loveland will be sad to hear what I heard.  One of my friends just told me that

The Inglenook is about to close. The date for the last meal at The Inglenook is not set for sure but it seems

one would want to get in there before May 28.  Their location is 530 North Cleveland.

Sad to see one of Loveland’s more upscale places close.

An email to one of The Inglenook’s customers is shown below.  I do not know if a new owner will continue with the same type of food or menu.

It is with both a happy and heavy heart that I tell you that I have sold the Inglenook.  It has been a grand 15 years but it is time for me to move on to other endeavors in life. I truly appreciate all of the support you have given me. These past 15 year have flown by, many of you witnessing my daughters grow up,  getting to know the rest of the great staff I have had, seeing our remodel, having many laughs and hopefully wonderful meals. I have witnessed many changes in all of your lives as well. I know that I will miss the interaction that I have had with you and know this I will never forget you. It has been a real joy! I am hoping that some of you can make it in these last few days before we close next week and maybe reminisce some of the days gone by.
Always a friend!
P.S. If you do plan on coming in please email for reservations as our reservation website will not be functioning. 
Again thank you very much!