Hearts and Horses fundraiser

Hearts and Horses Fundraiser in Loveland

Here is an email I received from Jan Pollema, Executive Director of Hearts and Horses in Loveland.   Please take a minute to read it.  Maybe this is a cause you want to support.

Dear Friends and Family,

I’m participating in Hearts & Horses’ 3rd Annual Cliff’s DRIVE2RIDE” which is an annual scholarship fundraising drive to raise funds for participants who need additional financial assistance to be able to take part in the life-changing programs at Hearts & Horses. Last year 330 individuals (youth at risk, children and adults with physical/cognitive disabilities, veterans, seniors with Alzheimers) experienced Hearts & Horses through over $100,000 scholarships provided.  Our goal is to raise at least $10,000 by May 22nd.

Cliff’s DRIVE2RIDE” began in honor of Cliff Uber who passed away suddenly in 2012.  We thought it fitting to create this Drive in memory of Cliff, because he was so passionate about Hearts & Horses and how it changed his life. He would often anonymously donate money so a needy child could ride or go to a show.  Cliff inspired every heart he touched at Hearts and Horses– fellow riders, volunteers, our staff and our horses. I miss him dearly every day.

Hearts and Horses fundraiser

This is one of my favorite photos of Cliff. He’s on Jordan’s horse, Clyde — together they won many blue ribbons and trophies together. What an amazing man who inspired so many… We were all so blessed to have had him in our lives.

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Cafe de Bangkok Loveland



It looks like Cafe de Bangkok is coming to Loveland.

WOW   I can’t believe the restaurant scene in Loveland.  Driving around tonight, I saw  a sign on the old Pho Lan restaurant on East Eisenhower.  If you read BobsHeartbeats much, you know that Pho Lan moved to new location in Loveland recently.

The sign says that Cafe de Bangkok II is coming soon.  Since there is a Cafe de Bangkok in Fort Collins, my guess it may be connected.  I will try to follow up on this.

This news also comes on the heels of my blog post about another Thai restaurant about to open in Loveland.



World Labyrinth Day in Loveland

Loveland World Labyrinth Day

I got this note about World Labyrinth Day in Loveland.   Just so I knew exactly what a labyrinth is, I checked out the definition.  Here is what I found:

an intricate combination of paths or passages in which it is difficult to find one’s way or to reach the exit or a maze of paths bordered by high hedges, as in a  park or garden, for the amusement of those who search for a way out.
Synonyms for labyrinth include maze, network and web..

World Labyrinth Day

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Labyrinth at McKee Medical Center

Loveland, Colorado


Walk as One at 1:00

Please arrive by 12:45 p.m.

Paths 4 Change

Phyllis K. Kennemer

Certified Labyrinth Facilitator

Phyllis will be available at the site at 12:30 for those who would like information and/or guidance for the walk. If you have questions prior to that day, you may contact her at or by telephone at 970-622-0858.

The labyrinth at McKee Medical Center is on the north side of the complex.  Turn east from Boise Avenue onto Hoffman Drive.  You can park in the Cancer Center parking lot  or along Hoffman Drive. Follow the path to Hoffman Lake.  The labyrinth overlooks the lake.

World Labyrinth Day is sponsored by The Labyrinth Society. The first Saturday of May is designated as a day to bring people together from around the planet in celebration of the labyrinth as a symbol for healing and peace.

People are invited to walk a labyrinth at 1:00 p.m. in every time zone.  Be a part of a rolling wave of peaceful energy as the earth turns.

If you cannot join us for the Loveland walk, you can find a labyrinth near you at Join us in spirit as you walk a labyrinth in your time zone at 1:00 p.m. on May 2nd.

Phyllis K. Kennemer

Phyllis K. Kennemer

Change Coach~Labyrinth Facilitator

Loveland getting another brewery -Big Thompson Brewery

Big Thompson Brewery

Loveland breweries — alway a good topic for news.  As with the rest of northern Colorado, Loveland has its share of local breweries.  Is there room for one more?  I guess so.

Thanks to the guys at K99 radio,  we now know that at least one more beer maker is coming to the Sweetheart City.  I have been watching the progress at their new location, but the K99 guys (Dave Jensen) broke the story on the Big Thompson Brewery.

Here is Dave Jensen’s take on the Big Thompson Brewery.  Be sure to read to the end to see his nomination for the name of one of the beers.  Love it, Dave!

It’s been a more than a few years since kids donned their roller skates and had a blast going around in circles at Skate Castle! Soon, those kids can return to the same location as adults, and enjoy some of Loveland’s newest hand-crafted beers!


Skate Castle old

Who knows how many kids in Loveland used to hang out in Loveland in their orange and brown skate shoes at Skate Castle? The number must be into the tens of thousands. The music! The video games! The food! Of course, the skating! Some kids were really good, some kids….were not. That didn’t matter. You’d get some money from your parents as they dropped you off, and you’d just live it up for a few hours! A lot of kids’ first jobs was at the rink!

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Heiditown festival – Ouray

HeidiTown Fest

Usually, WordsByBob writes about all things (nonpolitical) in Loveland, Colorado.

Today, I stay just a bit.  This event, HeidiTown Fest, takes place in Ouray, CO.   BUT, it is organized an hosted by a Loveland writer/blogger–Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer.   I have known Heidi for years, and we both write as freelancers for the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor.  She is the “Mayor of HeidiTown.”

In the spirit of assisting a colleague and fellow Lovelander, I am happy to share about her upcoming event.  I do this even though my name is not Heidi.

Press Release  For Immediate Release

New festival celebrates Colorado and gals named Heidi

Ouray, Colorado March 31, 2015 – A brand new festival is slated to take place in Ouray, Colorado over Memorial Day weekend, May 23-24, 2015. HeidiTown Fest, brought to life by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer of, is a festival celebrating Colorado, as well as gals named Heidi. is a blog about Colorado festivals and travel. It is not a calendar of events, but rather “stuff the Mayor likes.” Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer is the founder/Mayor of HeidiTown and she loves small town festivals and unique events.

Kerr-Schlaefer, who resides in Loveland, Colorado, was recently called a “one-woman tourism-promotion machine” by Biz West.

“My readers and social media followers are always telling me that they live vicariously through my HeidiTown travels around Colorado,” said Kerr-Schlaefer. “HeidiTown Fest was an opportunity for my readers, the couch potatoes and the adventurers, to live like the Mayor for a weekend.”

There are two HeidiTown Fest Packages available. Guest can choose between two hotels, the Ouray Chalet Inn or the Matterhorn Inn, and two excursions including a four-wheel drive excursion with Alpine Scenic Tours or a rafting trip with RIGS Adventure Company. Each package also comes with passes to the Ouray Hot Springs Pool and tickets to the HeidiTown Fest VIP party on Saturday night.

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