Loveland gets fishier


As I drive around Loveland, I look to see what restaurants are busy.   When I eat at a place, I check to see how many are dining there.  In my estimation, there are a couple of restaurants in the good old Sweetheart City that are out of business–they just don’t know it yet or have not admitted it.

You know the ones I mean.  Parking lot always empty, no patrons, etc.

One of those that fall in the category of being out of business but the doors are still open was the Teriyaki Planet at 1421 East Eisenhower Blvd.  When driving by a couple of days ago, I see that the Loveland Teriyaki Planet is no more.  A banner on the front says it will be Sushi Akai.

Two questions–

1. Does Loveland need more sushi?

2.  What other Loveland eateries are “out of business” but still open?



Loveland flood aftermath

Loveland_office_spaceThe great flood in Loveland has passed.   Driving to Estes Park and returning through Drake makes me sad.  That area will never be the same.

The flood covered nine counties, if my memory serves.  One area that took a hit is the vicinity of First Street and Taft Avenue in Loveland.  The ball fields look good but there is still a lot of debris to the west.

A week or so ago, I had to go to the Comcast office on First Street to get an upgraded DVR.   I was surprised to find that the building that housed Comcast is fenced off. They are operating out of a modular building next door.  A worker told me that the brick building got knocked off its foundation and is condemned.

A few days later, I was contacted by a friend who owns what used to be the KLOV building.  If you have been in Loveland for a while, you remember that there used to be a local (really local) radio station.

This building felt the flood too but has been repaired and remodeled.  The owner wants to turned it into an office building.   If you are wanting office space in southwest Loveland, let me know.


TRIVIA QUESTION — What was the local radio station after KLOV?




Loveland business expands–south


Carla Schlosser

Schlosser Signs, Inc.

(970) 593-1334


Schlosser Signs, Inc. Adds New Denver Office

Office on Vallejo Street is company’s third location

Schlosser sign


Loveland and Denver, Colo. — Schlosser Signs, Inc.a leader in the design, manufacture, installation and service of signage in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska, has opened a new office in Denver. The new 7,000-square-foot facility is located at 755 Vallejo Street, near I-25 and 6th Avenue.


In a move that has been a year in the making, the company added this location to better serve its clients in Denver and southern Colorado, along with a growing national clientele. The new Denver facility also provides Schlosser with access to a larger labor pool of applicants with sign industry experience. The company expects the location to be fully staffed by the end of summer.

 CEO Carla Schlosser said, “We continually strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Expanding into Denver allows us to provide quicker response times and better serve this growing market.”

 Schlosser Signs was founded in Loveland in 1999 by the Schlosser family and has since grown into a full-service commercial sign company serving local, regional and national clients. In 2009, Schlosser Signs marked its 10th Anniversary by purchasing and relocating to its new headquarters, a 10,000-square-foot building in northeast Loveland near I-25 and Crossroads Boulevard. The company has since grown to 40 employees, added a second manufacturing location in downtown Loveland in 2013, added an energy efficiency service division, and expanded its contract manufacturing and installation services for national partners.


About Schlosser Signs

Schlosser Signs opened in LovelandColorado in 1999. Their experienced team offers the ability to design, manufacture, and install a vast range of interior and exterior corporate signage including: monument signs, electronic message centers, parking lot lighting, and awnings, among many others. Their goal is to create top quality, great-looking, functional signage that maintains the integrity of their clients’ brands while successfully promoting those businesses to guests and the general public.

 Schlosser takes care of every aspect of each project, so you don’t have to worry about the details. From property surveys and visibility studies, to permit acquisition and maintenance long after the project is complete — Schlosser Signs does it all, locally, regionally, and nationally.

 For more information about all Schlosser’s products and services, call (970) 593-1334, email, visit them online at, find them on Twitter ( and Facebook (




Loveland Schmidt’s Bakery rises again

AceI don’t know what happened to my post about the activity going on at Schmidt’s Bakery on S.W. 14th Street.

My sources tell me this once bowling alley/bar then bakery/restaurant will be a second Ace Hardware in Loveland.

More details as I get them.





Loveland to sprout a new business?

SproutsIs Loveland finally going to get a major natural food grocery store?

For years, we have all heard rumors about Alfalfa’s, Whole Foods or Sprouts coming to town.   Not too many months ago, we got a taste (pun intended) of what a natural grocery store would be like when The Crunchy Grocer opened.

Now, it would seen that Sprouts is making a major move our way.   The place most likely to have the new Sprouts is the block on Lincoln just north of Eisenhower. So across the street from Dairy Queen to the north.   I have heard that some homes on the west side of Jefferson and north of Hiway 34 (Eisenhower Blvd) may give way to the new Loveland grocery store.


Attached is a letter about a “Special Grocery Store” and rezoning of some addresses on North Jefferson Ave.


Stay tuned.  You heard it first at


Here is the letter. It needs to be enlarged (click on it) to really read it.

Sprouts letter